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My audio assessment was very challenging considering that for many of the sessions, I was not very well, if it wasn’t one thing, it was another. However, considering I missed a few sessions, when it came to editing my final piece and using the equipment, I was actually fairly confident.  Despite missing the sessions, I […]

Summary of Front Pages – 2nd April.

Counterfeit Goods Radio Feature.   I chose to do a feature on counterfeit goods as I thought that this subject of matter could be targeted at children, teenagers and adults. I wasn’t aware that the main reason for Trading Standards seizing counterfeit goods is not because they are fake, but because of the impact/process the […]

My development idea came from a visit to Bovingdon Market whereby Trading Standards had seized thousands of pounds worth of goods that were counterfeit. Ranging from Ugg boots, Tiffany jewellery and Mulberry handbags, when Trading Standards had finished, there was nothing left but a few burger stalls. Two weeks later and my ruined day out […]

For my video assignment, I chose to focus on something current and develop my idea based around this. When looking at what I could have done, my initial idea was going to be something based around cyclists and the unfair treatment they get from drivers. However, when developing my ideas and planning how I was […]

With the recent discovery of horse meat being sold on as beef in many of our foods, I wanted to develop a short documentary focusing on a few adverts and see if they could actually provide what they claim to on television. Most advertisements are actually designed in order to be misleading, just in a […]